Accessibility Options

At Serenity Care PACE, Inc. we have attempted to create an accessible website and we strive at all times to improve our accessibility. Following the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium and Section 508, should be usable by anyone, with or without disabilities. The guide below will help you use this website with as much ease as possible.

On our website, users can access the accessibility tool from the top of the website. This plugin allows users to:

  • Navigate website using a keyboard
  • Enlarge the cursor and add a reading guide
  • Change contrast
  • Change text size
  • Stop animations
  • Highlight links
  • Change fonts
  • Read page (text-to-speech)
  • View page structure

We have also accounted for resources related to different operating systems, browsers and devices. Learn how to adjust your settings to adjust contrast, font sizes or even turning on text to speech options. The guide below will help you use this website and every website with as much ease as possible.

Operating Systems

If you are on a laptop or desktop computer running a Microsoft Operating system, Apple or Google, your options are below.


Your browser is the application you use to access the internet on your computer. Choose your browser below to learn how to make it more accessible.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are becoming more and more accessible. Read information on how to access the best accessibility features on your mobile device.

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